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I can:

  • apply machine learning (ML) to your data (examples here)
  • help solve problems where collecting and analyzing data is relevant
  • help you select and apply the best systems thinking framework to situations involving people complexity or lots of moving parts (examples here)
  • show you structured modeling approaches to support your decision making (examples here)
  • listen without judgment and give compassionate, honest feedback

I use time-tested methodologies - from applied rationality, systems thinking, and ML - to enable your decision making, particularly to provide structure in situations with a lot of uncertainty. Most importantly, I am someone you or others involved can be at ease talking to.

For more about me, see the about page; here is what you can expect when working with me:

  • During an initial phone or video consultation (with no fee), I will listen carefully and ask a series of questions to get a clear picture of your situation as well as what you'd like to accomplish.

  • If there's a good fit between your needs and my skill set, we will schedule to meet afterward as appropriate; my rate is $150 per hour.1

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  1. Fees are sliding scale, i.e., based partly on ability to pay and on international currency exchange rates.