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Do you need to make some tough decisions? I can help, particularly if you would like to:

  • understand/reduce uncertainties enough to get unstuck
  • navigate complicated interpersonal scenarios
  • think through a chosen issue thoroughly
  • determine goals and chart viable paths to reach them
  • use machine learning (ML) to support existing plans

I use time-tested methodologies - from applied rationality, systems thinking, and ML - to enable your decision making, particularly to provide structure in situations with a lot of uncertainty. Importantly, I am someone you or others involved can be at ease talking to.

For more about me, see the about page; here is what you can expect when working with me:

  • During an initial phone or video consultation (with no fee), I will listen carefully and ask a series of questions to get a clear picture of your situation; from there we can determine if there is a good fit between the issues at hand and the guidance I can offer.

  • If there's indeed a good fit, we will move forward.

Here's how it works:

Standard plan

You retain me as a personal advisor and we continue to meet virtually 1-4 times a month for an hour each visit. During these sessions I will act as a guide through your decision making process; afterward, I will send a summary of our conversation as well as next actionable items.

$150 per session.1

Analytics or computational modeling

It's often the case that ML or system dynamics simulations, which are part of my expertise set, can support key parts of a decision process or emergent plan. In the case of ML, I will analyze data that you collect. This plan includes a written report of the findings.

$150 up to $300 per report.2

Like what you see? Schedule a free 30 min consultation below!

  1. Fees are sliding scale, i.e., based partly on your ability to pay. 

  2. If the service is done on a continuing basis, subsequent reports take less time to create and so cost less.